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The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) overall vision is to create “A Nation Prepared.”  To support this vision, FEMA has embarked on an aggressive five-year initiative to update the nation’s flood hazard maps. Infused with funds provided by the President and Congress, FEMA is transforming the way flood maps are created and accessed.  FEMA’s vision for Flood Map Modernization (Map MOD) entails providing flood maps and data for communities nationwide that are more reliable, easier to use, and readily available.

In New Mexico 77% of the effective flood map panels for communities are over 10 years old and there are 21 unmapped communities in the state. In many cases, the older maps reflect outdated flood hazard information which limits their utility for insurance and floodplain management purposes. Additionally, most of the maps were prepared using road network information and manual cartographic techniques that are now outdated. This makes the maps difficult for State and local customers to use and expensive for FEMA and the State of New Mexico to maintain. In addition, many communities in New Mexico have not been mapped by FEMA. Consequently, there are 21 unmapped communities (roughly 55 percent) within New Mexico.


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